How much does the Classical Arabic Program cost?

What is the cost of each level?

Classical Foundations Program

Each level consists of 3 courses. Each course is $495 USD. For instance Classical Foundations: Level 1 consists of CLA101, CLA102 & CLA103.  CLA101 is $495, CLA102 is $495, and CLA103 is $495. You are not required to register for all 3 courses at once.

Classical Intermediate Program

The classical intermediate program is a completely self-paced program. Given the nature of this program, the tuition for this entire level is $495 and students have 1 year access to the program.

Classical Advanced Program

Levels 3 – 5 of the Classical Program requires specialized training in accessing classical texts. Each level is split into two courses: Skills & Sciences. Each course requires an average of 50 hours to complete. Each course is priced at $2000 and students may choose to complete the course over a few months.

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