My credit card is not working. What should I do?

We are sorry to hear about the hiccups you've faced during sign-up. We understand your frustration 100% and are here to help you.

Each bank / credit card has its own reasons for “flagging” or rejecting a particular transaction, but some of the most common include online transactions outside of the country, large transactions (each bank defines “large” differently), a new website, and other miscellaneous reasons.

Other students who experienced the same initial "credit card decline" were able to sign-up successfully by following the steps listed below: 

  1. Calling your bank: This is by far the most important step: Call the number on the back of your card and tell them that you are authorizing a transaction to “Qasid Institute,” tell them the amount, and tell them you are purchasing an online course. If they ask, you can give them the URL ( or send them the specific payment page if they need that. Once they know that you want to do this and are confirming it with them, they should release any hold they have on their end.
  2. Try again: Once the bank representative tells you that everything is fine, come back to the same payment page and try again. That should do the trick.
  3. Different browser: Try a different browser or computer. Sometimes there is a glitch in a particular browser, and simply using a different one on your computer will do the trick.
  4. Numbers correct?: This might seem obvious, but check your card number, expiry date, etc. to make sure that all numbers are being input correctly.
  5. Different card: If you’ve tried all the above and it still doesn’t work, please try and use a different card.
  6. Last try: If all else fails, call it a day and try again tomorrow. As odd as it sounds, sometimes it take a bit of time for the bank’s “clearance” to go through. It’s frustrating to have to come back to it tomorrow, but sometimes even credit cards need a good night's sleep :)
  7. Final Step: In case none of the above works, please use the chat widget in the bottom right corner of this screen to leave your name, email, and describe where you had the problems in signing up. One of our student care advisors will reach out to you within 72 hours to explore an alternative payment method (Paypal, bank transfer, etc.)  We are absolutely committed to making this work for you. 

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