Do you offer group classes?

Qasid Online does not offer live group classes.

After years of behind-the-scenes testing and tweaking, we made a significant shift by replacing group live sessions once a week to one-on-one live sessions.

This might seem like a small shift, but the implications are staggering (in a very, very positive way) for you as a student of Arabic. Consider:

  • Ease of scheduling: You no longer have to worry about trying to fit your schedule into a Qasid-determined once-per-week group time. Trying to find a time that works for 2 students is twice as complicated as for 1, and for 3 students, three times as complicated. 10 students at the same time? Impossible. With this shift to 1-1 sessions, your instructor will have multiple times for you to choose from, and you select one that works for you. This radically simplifies timing, and helps to increase the odds that you’ll be able to make each and every live session.
  • More time for you. A session with 10 other students means that you need to “share” the instructor’s attention and time. When it is just you, 100% of that time is yours. The benefits increase exponentially.
  • Full attention and focus on you. One-on-one means that your instructor can zero in on precisely the language issues and challenges that YOU are having, not what 15 others are having.
  • Work at your own pace: Finally, 1-1 allows you to move at a pace that works for you. Move faster or slower as you and your instructor determine is best for where you’re at. Busy week at work? No problem – slow things down. Found extra time this month? Fantastic – move ahead at lightning speed. You can modulate speed based on how much time you have, without having to worry about how this impacts others in the class because, for all intents and purposes, the instructor will treat you as a class of one.

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