How much do your courses cost?

The Qasid Institute strives to provide the greatest personal and educational value through our online program. At first glance, Qasid may appear considerably less expensive than most European and North American university-based Arabic programs, while also being among the more costly of online programs.

The underlying reasons for the latter observation are two-fold: first, maintaining higher quality (teachers, curriculum, administration) requires a higher operating budget than regional norms, and second, rather than “nickel & diming” students (such as touting a low tuition price, but then charging extra for numerous essential services), Qasid instead offers a comprehensive tuition package.

Qasid's online courses start at a base rate of $495 per course. These courses usually include private 1-on-1 classes, access to a university-grade LMS (Learning Management System) and access to our technical support team.

All amounts on the website are presented in US dollars.

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