When is the deadline to sign-up for a course?

Are there set registration dates or can you register to start at any time?

Qasid Online runs three, concurrent curricula year-round:

  • Core Programs (MSA, Classical and Ammiya)
  • Supplementary Courses
  • Private Tutoring

Core Programs & Supplementary Courses

Our academic year is divided into four quarters. Fall, winter, and spring quarters are 12 weeks in length, while the summer term is 8 weeks.

Each of the core, Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic classes are offered during each of these four terms, while advanced and supplementary courses are available subject to demand. The latest dates are as follows:

Academic calendar | 2019 to 2020

  • 2019 Fall: 
    • Registration Deadline: August 25th
    • Classes & Finals: September 5 to December 5
  • 2020 Winter:
    • Registration Deadline: December 20th
    • Classes & Finals: January 2 to March 16 2020
  • 2020 Spring:
    • Registration Deadline: March 10th
    • Classes & Finals: March 24 to June 9
  • 2020 Summer:
    • Registration Deadline: June 5th
    • Classes & Finals: June 18 to August 17
  • 2020 Fall:
    • Registration Deadline: August 25th
    • Classes & Finals: Sep 6 to Dec 3

Private Tutoring

Though Qasid’s year-round academic schedule was created to complement those of US universities, we recognize that the timing will nevertheless be less than ideal for busy professionals and students whose university schedules don’t coincide with ours. Some will want more a more intensive concentration of hours, while others may want a complete emphasis on either the sciences or skills; for this reason we offer private tutoring.

Private tutoring is offered year-round on a by-request basis. 

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